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About Us

“Star Hair Transplant has become a leader in our country and in the world and proved its success.”
Yeliz Özkaya
Star Hair Transplant CEO

Star Hair Transplant, is a hair transplantation center, which first started offering service in 1999, with international reputation and always being followed up thanks to 100% customer satisfaction achieved by its innovative and reliable approach.

With 16 years of experience, we work under the umbrella of Star Hair Transplant so that you can you can have the appearance you have been dreaming of. Our purpose is to restore hair, which is one of the most important accessories of our body, with the most natural appearance by the modern hair transplantation methods applied and to increase the life quality of our guests and provide that they lead a happier life.




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Why us?

Our Experience

Our team consists of 16 years of experienced and well-proven specialists. Turkey’s first plantation to be one of the teams with the same team for many years and the benefits of working together, laughing at the center of our face, and we offer our guests an intimate atmosphere.

Our Art

In addition to being a medical operation, hair styling also requires design capability, because the quality of the application as well as the nature of the design is extremely important. It is absolutely not to be understood that the hair of the person has hair. Therefore, the design is entirely person-specific and must conform to one’s facial features. We are doing art beyond offering a service to your dreams with you, our experienced team of FUE Technique which is being implemented worldwide and our 15 years of experience.

Our Hospitality

Our patient coordinators, available 24 hours a day before and after the operation, help you whenever you need in Arabic, Turkish, English and Korean.

You can contact us for detailed information.