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Beard, Mustache and Sideburn Transplantation

Implanted brows should be implanted finely and one by one. Because your eyebrows are an
important part of your face, the procedure should be carried out by reliable and skilled experts.
We guarantee natural eyebrow transplantation result with our dedicated and customized
eyebrow transplant design at Star Hair Transplantation Center. You can get natural brows with
a masterful eyebrow transplant.

Hair is extracted and is transplanted one by one on the thin or balding areas on the beard,
mustache and sideburns. 

By adding hair on the beard, mustache, and sideburns, a thicker look is guaranteed. Some
people have gaps on their beard, mustache, and sideburn areas and transplantation can be a
good solution to cover these gaps.

Natural results in beard, mustache and sideburn transplantation:

When the beard, mustache, and sideburn grow, they will look good together and the beard and
mustache transplantation will not be detectable.

Natural appearance must be a priority in beard, mustache, and sideburn transplantations.
Surgical skills are important because the transplantation will be performed on face, a rough
application can damage your look.

For natural results, especially singular hair grafts and thin hair follicles should be extracted and
they should be transplanted in the direction of your original beard and mustache. This procedure
requires experience and skill.

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