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Esat Gok Before And After Hair Transplantation

A total of 5200 grafts have been transplanted to Mr Gök’s scalp in two sessions. With those 5200 graft transplant, we have covered hair loss areas on the front, middle and top.

The photo below shows the result of the hair transplantation. Hair growth after transplantation continues up to one year. Mr Gök’s hair density now will increase in a rate of 10-20%.

  • When we analyze before & after operation photos, we see that
  • Hairline has been designed according to the face, eyebrows and face structure.
  • We have tried our best to put each graft to good use during the transplant because we wanted good results since the patient’s back of the neck hair density was low and it is thin hair.
  • We got a really good result through a meticulous follicle and duct openings as it can be seen in the photos.
  • It can be seen that Mr Gök looks younger and more dynamic. He, himself, states that his new hair has changed his face and how he looks, thus enabling him to express himself more comfortably and better.

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