Freqeuntly Asked Questions about Body and Chest FUE | Star Hair Transplant

Freqeuntly Asked Questions about Body and Chest FUE

Is it harmful to extract hair follicles from the chest?
Hair follicle transplantation from the is completely harmless. While extracting hair, follicles are collected and transplanted on the scalp with no hair.


Which parts are available for extracting hair follicles if there is not enough?

Follicle transplantation can be done from chest, sideburns and beard area if the follicles are not enough on the back of the neck and above ear areas.


How many hair transplantations can be done a day at maximum?

500 to 1500 hair follicles can be transplanted via body FUE. This number varies according to the density of hair on the person’s chest. The average number is 700 hair follicles.


Is general anesthesia carried out in body FUE?

You can contact us for detailed information.