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Mehmet Güdük – A Hair Transplantation Story

Mr Güdük is a patient that has contacted us upon a referral.We have identified that Mr Güdük’s previous hair transplantation was carried out using a very outdated technique that is called fut. A scar could be seen on the back of the neck and above ear areas.

Fut is an exhausting and uncomfortable technique compared to fue which is the most advanced technique in hair transplantation.Mr Güdük’s first operation results were rather sparse. Grafts that were harvested were spread on bald areas and the hair looked artificial, sloppy and sparse.

Our recommendation to Mr Güdük was to harvest as many follicles as we can and naturalize the unnatural first procedure by changing how he looked.We harvested nearly 3000 grafts from Mr Güdük’s back of the neck and above ear areas.These grafts were transplanted to the front and middle areas and his look was completely changed.

If our team had done the first operation, this number would have gone up to 4000 – 4300 grafts.As it can be seen in the picture, double and triple grafts that were transplanted on the front area and the width of the ducts made the results obvious.

Mr Güdük was dissatisfied with big and dark troughs that were present in his hair roots. In our procedure, these grafts were removed and re-transplanted. The new grafts are supported with dense hair and Mr Güdük’s face got a natural look.

Mr Güdük states that comparing the results and comfort, fue is a lot more comfortable than fut.We are able to provide our patients with the best and the most natural results that go with their faces because of our experience and case studies in fue.

The photo below is the most obvious example of the difference.We thank Mr Güdük for his trust and sharing the results of his procedure.

We wish Mr Güdük a happy future with his new hair.

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