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Şakir Tanrısever Before & After Hair Transplantation

Mr Tanrısever’s fue operation included the transplantation of 4000 grafts (8000 hair strands). Mr Tanrısever’s operation was planned in accordance to his back of the neck hair density.

Mr Tanrısever’s hairline was restored and designed according to his face, especially in the front section. In the middle and the top areas, hair density was enhanced by adding more hair to his present hair.
The highlights of the photo below are

Natural hair design

Directional hair transplantation,

The smile on our patient’s face with maximum graft number and natural hair density.

With all of these we combined our experience and we designed Mr Tanrısever’s hairline perfectly and were able to give him the result he dreamt of.

We thank Mr Tanrısever for sharing his hair transplantation results of fue technique.

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