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Men with androgenic type hair loss (based on age, hormones and heredity) is the patient group to which we apply the hair transplantation most frequently. Due to this reason, the most frequent aesthetic intervention in men is hair transplantation. Moreover, those with bald areas on their heads or eyebrows following a burn; those who had hair transplantation previously but who are not happy with the results; those who have partial bald areas following a facelift which they had before; those with partly bald areas as based on some diseases and those with female-type hair loss are all patient group candidates for hair transplantation.

The procedure carried out in hair transplantation is the transfer of the hair taken from a specific area of the body to another area of the body. The result you shall get shall vary as based on the person and the features of the hair. Our purpose in Star Hair Transplant is to achieve hair with natural and dense look and to obtain the optimum results from the hair transplantation.

Thanks to our experienced team, your hair transplantation is successfully completed together with the formation of your natural hairline as a result of a careful and attentive surgical operation and the fact that you had hair transplantation is not perceivable.

Natural hairline is the hairline, which is the most appropriate for you, created specifically for you upon examination of the shape of your face, your eye and eyebrow characteristics. Your opinion is also taken into consideration while deciding.
In men, there is a natural look which goes towards the sides from the forehead, slightly in the shape of V. Our purpose is to provide you the hairline with suits your face the most with your new hair. The naturalness of your transplantation is based on the naturalness of your hairline.

The transplanted hair is generally taken from the back part of the scalp, which is the most resistant part against falling off. Such hair preserves its previous characteristics following the transplantation on the hairless area. The results achieved following the hair transplantation are quire permanent.

Follicular Unit Extraction, FUE, method is the most developed method which we use as the hair transplantation method.

Grass head look is an indication that required careful work is not carried out and transplantation is not performed with the correct technique. At the same time, it might be due to an operation realized by an inexperienced team without considering the direction of the follicles and the natural hairline. Hair transplantation operation is a procedure which requires experience and optimum attention.

The operation is generally carried out with local anesthesia and takes about 7-8 hours.

Following the procedure, you can immediately return home or your hotel. Your doctor may call your for a control within the first 1-2 days following the operation in order to see the condition of the transplanted hair. In general, your doctor shall permit you to wash your after the 3rd day. There may be scabs at the roots of the hair transplanted, these disappear completely within 7 days. By the end of the 3rd week, all your transplanted hair shallfall off and starting from the 3rd month they shall start to grow without falling off anymore..

Although it is carried out under local anesthesia, this procedure is a surgical intervention. Due to this reason, bleeding and infection on the operation area can be seen during hair transplantation, as can be seen in any surgical procedure. These are complications which can directly influence the procedure carried out. Sterilization is very important during the hair transplantation. In some patients, temporary swelling can be seen on the 3rd ot 4thdays following the hair transplantation.

●     Stop taking alcohol, aspirin and other antiaggregants and pills containing vitamins, 1 week before the operation.
●     Notify your doctor about the medication you take due to chronic (diabetes, heart, blood pressure, tuberculosis etc.) or acute diseases.
●     Wash your hair before the operation and don’t use any gel or spray after washing.
●     Absolutely, have your breakfast before the operation.
●     Bring a hat, which can be adjusted from the back, in order to be used following the operation.
●     Don’t smoke 24 hours before the operation, if possible; if you can’t do this, try to reduce it. Don’t forget that smoking shall extend your recovery period.
●     We don’t recommend driving 6 hours following the operation, if you will come by your car, have someone with you to drive following the operation.
●      When coming for the operation, wear something which you can wear and take off easily without rubbing your head (shirt, cardigan etc.).

Taking your medication regularly is important for your comfort and health. You can wash your hair 3 days after the hair transplantation. Don’t touch the transplanted area during the first 3 days. Don’t let the water contact the transplanted area. Avoid sweating and again, don’t lift heavy load during the first 15 days.
If you carefully apply the instructions given by our experts following the operation, you shall contribute to the success of the results of your hair transplantation.

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