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Fue Technic Steps

In previous technics and in FUT technic hair root from the nape and upper ear was taken with the cut and then it was covered with stitch. It didn’t matter how small the stitch was, a person hade to live with this stitch on the nape for all his/her life. If person scratches hair to the zero or very short signs of the hair transplantation will be seen no matter how naturally it was.

Because of these kind of reasons FUE technic is mostly preferred method by the people. The steps of the FUE technic which is much more comfortable and easy are:

The first step:

Before the hair transplantation with FUE technic hair transplantation and source areas are anesthetized locally.  After the local anesthesia hair transplantation process starts. In the first stage hair roots from nape and upper ear are taken one by one with the FUE engine.  These grafts are being gathered one by one and counted. After that they are covered with special solution and saved at the fridge.

The second step:

After the take off the grafts small cuts equal to the number of the grafts are made at the bald area. The most important step of the process is this step where direction and interval of the hair is being decided.

The third step:

The third and the last step is the transplantation of the hair taken from nape and upper ear area to the cuts made before with the channel method.

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