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FUE Technique

The name of the method we apply in Star Hair Transplant is FUE Technique. The reasons for preferring this method as a result of our experiences, is that this method is painless and does not leave back any incisions or suture scars. Follicular Unit Extraction, abbreviated as FUE, is also advantageous by providing many hair follicles as a hair transplantation technique. In addition to these, it is completed in a very short time which is a very significant advantage. We can transplant the maximum number of follicles, which is 3500-4000 grafts in FUE Technique, in a single session without damaging your hair on your neck.

Hair strands are taken from the hairy area between two ears and above two ears, which does not lose hair throughout your life. The hair strands taken are taken by mini punch bits, without any sutures and without any incisions thanks to Micro Motor. Punch bits are fine. Neither the taken hair nor the transplanted hair is apparent in the area from where the hair is taken by fine punch,  Punch bits start from 0.6 mm and go up to 1.5 mm. We work with fine bit punch, which suits your hair the most, in our clinic. Since the punch bits are fine, there is no need for sutures and the scar heals itself and leaves back no scars

How FUE Technique is Applied?

  • Your hair is buzz cut (This is realized in our clinic by us hygienically by sterile solutions)
  • Local anesthesia is applied. Anesthesia is applied with fine bits, so you do not feel pain during hair taking.
  • The follicles to be taken are started to be collected one by one by Micro Motor. The target is to collect one by one about 3500-4000 grafts and 7000-8000 hair strands. Since a high number of grafts are targeted, this procedure takes about 7-8 hours. The follicles collected are kept in special solutions.
  • Following this step, appropriate hair canals and hair holes are prepared. This stage is the one which shall determine the direction, density and naturalness of your follicles.
  • The transplanted hair shall be natural since all the works at our center are according to the direction of the follicle. Even your hairdresser cannot understand that you had hair transplantation. Opening fine and dense hair holes is a difficult process and required expertise and experience. With these fine and dense hair holes, your transplantation shall be dense and natural. When your hair grows, the hair that grows seems just like your own hair.
  • After cleaning your hair with special solutions, information is given following the transplantation. Now you can go home with your new transplanted hair.
  • Your hair shall start to grow after 4 months, and continue to grow up to 1 year and become denser and fuller.

FUE Technique in Different Hair Types

Curly Hair:

Although it is difficult to separate follicles, the density and aesthetic results are better. Curling hair shall cover a wider area in the transplantation area and your transplantation shall seem denser and more natural than it is.

Bray Hair:

Follicle separation is harder since the hair strands are white and requires a special work. Our team works with optical magnifiers in order not to damage the follicles especially in gray hair. This type of hair gives out the  most natural results. Transplantation and cut requires experience.

Light Color Hair:

Follicle separation is easier when compared to the other hair types. The results are quite natural.

Dark Color Hair:

Follicle separation requires attention and labor. Thick hair requires careful and attentive work.

Straight Hair:

This hair type is the easiest type for follicle separation. The transplantation and hair cut is carried out rapidly and gives out natural results.

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