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Hair Mesotherapy

  • The literal meaning of the word mesotherapy is the type of treatment applied directly to the middle layer of the skin. This method is used on the face, scalp, and the whole body.
  • In hair mesotherapy, special serums containing vitamins, minerals, and trace elements needed by the hair are directly injected into the areas of the scalp that have hair problems. The damaged hair is repaired.
  • Hair mesotherapy which helps in the treatment of hair loss due to other disorders (thyroid, anemia etc.); is also a treatment method which is efficient in the treatment of hair loss due to stress, seasonal hair loss and hair loss due to malnutrition.
  • Many of the medications used in mesotherapy are homeopathic and herbal. This way, the efficiency of the treatment is maximized and the adverse effects and complication risk are minimised.
  • The number of sessions may vary between 6 to 10. Visible positive results are obtained starting from the first session and the effective results start as of the 3rd session.

Following the hair transplantation, it is used to enable faster and healthier growth of the transplanted hair and the protection of the existing hair. By consulting our doctors, you can get information about the method which is appropriate for you and the number of sessions you need.

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