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PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), is known as stem cell therapy, plasma therapy, and vampire therapy. It is an autologous treatment method performed with the patient’s own blood and has led to revolutionary developments in hair loss in the recent years.With PRP, it is targeted to stop hair loss, increase the hair quality, and enable new hair growth.

For this treatment, about 10-15 cc blood is taken from the patient and PRP is obtained with the help of a special centrifuge. The plasma obtained accommodates growth factors and proteins, which are very influential in the treatment of the cells, as well as its rich thrombocyte content.PRP method is applied as 3-6 sessions in 2-4 week intervals. Since it is obtained from the own blood of the patient, it does not result in allergic reactions; it is a procedure with high efficiency and reliability. It is more effective when applied together with hair mesotherapy.

Hair PRP Method

Hair PRP method is used for fast recovery, healing of tissue damage and supporting new transplanted hair.

PRP is used to reduce and stop hair loss.

PRP is also used for revitalizing hair that has become weaker and lost its volume due to seasonal change, stress and air pollution.

It is also an alternative method for women who are not suitable for hair transplantation.

Does PRP Method Have Side Effects?

PRP has no side effects since it is a substance drawn from the patient’s own blood. The blood is sterilized in tightly-closed tubes so contamination is not possible. Allergenic reactions and infectivity is never a case. Besides, it is a useful substance since your own cells are enriched and injected back to you.

In Treatment of Hair Loss

In treament of hair loss, it is injected singly or for assistance to the other treatments, into the areas where there is hair loss. In treatment of the weak, dry, thin, damaged hair, it provides new hair growth if the follicles are alive, reduces hair loss, thickens hair, and makes it stronger. It is a treatment which puts smiles on faces especially in male-type hair loss patients. It has no side effects since the patient’s own blood is used.

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