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Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation, in simplest terms, is the transfer of the hair follicles from the hairy area on the neck part of the head to the other hairless areas. This way, our patients have hair of lifetime with the new transplanted hair follicles.

Who can have hair transplantation?

  • Male-type hair loss
  • Female-type hair loss
  • Congenital localized hair loss
  • Accident or surgery scars (such as head injuries and face lifting operations)
  • Hair loss due to burns
  • Localized hair loss due to an infection
  • Hair loss due to excess traction of hair (Traction Alopecia)
  • Disorders of psychological basis namely Trichotillomania, in which hair is continuously pulled off.

Hair follicle transfer can safely be applied in hair loss cases due to the reasons explained above. Hair follicles can be transferred not only to the hairy skin, in other words head, but also to the areas such as eyebrows, mustaches, beards. Many of the people applying to us for hair transplantation have male-type hair loss.

There is no certain age limit for hair transplantation. By taking an appointment from our experts you can have a free examination and learn the treatment method which is the most appropriate one for you.

Specifically the young people may get into a flap and take wrong decisions at the periods when hair loss starts. The hair transplantation to be applied on wrong areas untimely and without any prospective planning can give rise to results which are worser than those expected. Due to this reason, we recommend the young people not to hurry for hair transplantation and to discuss the issue first with our experts and progress by taking correct decisions.

You can contact us for detailed information.