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Hair Transplantation

I want to plant hair? What operations are there? Can I make a hair plant after hair loss due to burns? Click for details!

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Fue Technique

With FUE Technique, what is the maximum number of roots that can be attached in 1 day?

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Eyebrow Transplantation

Is hair removal taken in browning? Can eyebrows be made on thinned areas of eyebrows? Are the raised eyebrows poured at the beginning?

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Beard, Mustache and Sideburn Transplantation

Beard, mustache and favorite planting hair on the back of the neck and ear? Click for detailed list!

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Hair Loss In Women

How old are the “androgenetic” hair loss seen in 20-30% of women?

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Hair Loss and Medical Treatments

How often is Androgenetic Alopecia seen in men and women all over the world?

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