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What is Graft?

One of the most important questions related to hair transplantation and frequently asked by the people who will get hair transplantation is “What is Graft?”

The description of the Graft as a medical term is as such:

Graft is the tissues separated from
their blood supply and that are transplanted to a new nutritive area. In graft transplantation, hair
follicles in the sides and back of the head are transferred to the balding areas of the scalp.
Follicles taken from the back of the scalp starts feeding from this new area with time.

Grafts extracted during the hair transplantation consist of one hair root and strand.  The white
tissue which looks like as a small white onion (the hair bulb) is being ditched to the bland area
and it grows with time.
Generally grafts come as a white little follicles. Hair roots at the end of the transplanted hair follicles grow in
individual, double, triple and sometimes rarely to quadruplet strands.

It is possible to perform a 3000-4000 graft transplantation in one session of hair transplantation.
Planted grafts start to grow back within 2 months of the hair transplantation session.

Saç ekimi işlemi yaptırmak isteyen veya bu konuyu araştırma aşamasında olan pek çok kişinin merak ettiği soruların başında “graft nedir” sorusu gelir.

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